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​"Fragile" - Tribute Album

The band "Call to Arms Project" from Cornwall, England joined in collaboration with SMILE to make an album in tribute to Paul "Budgie" Burgess. The album contains the beautiful original music by singer/songwriter Ben Bowden and lifelong friend of Paul. Paul was the original drummer in the Call to Arms Band.


All proceeds of the album are donated to SMILE in providing vital educational and psycho-social assistance to the most vulnerable children and youth. 

Please watch the short video highlighting the music in honor of Paul and SMILE. Special thanks to Andrew Halassy for the video production.  Great appreciation to The Call to Arms Project.  Watch the video on youtube at:


The Call To Arms Project plays melodic acoustic rock.  They take influences from the world of rock, pop, punk and even folk and mix them all together.  The acoustic guitars always keep the vibe mellow but the lyrical content gives the listener focus and can be edgy at times, written to acknowledge and embrace a range of human emotions.  The songs are definitely  'sing-along' but their depth gives them longevity and meaning.

​Donate to Receive Download of Music

With your donation to support the work of SMILE in providing educational and psycho-social assistance to vulnerable and at-risk children and youth, you will receive the link to download the album-Fragile. 

Once you make your donation, it will then state from Paypal that your donation is complete. On that page there will be a yellow box stating Return to Smile for Budgie. Click on it and you will be directed to the link to download the music. Please contact us if you have any problems at: Thank you very much for your support. 

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